Countercultural Dreamer – Abolition Summit Session 2

Steve’s Top7 Takeaways of the Exodus Cry Abolition Summit – Session 2 where Lou Engle spoke about listening to God in our dreams and living counter culturally with prayer, fasting and walking out with acts of justice regarding human trafficking.

When you fast… your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. (Matt 6:17-18)

TOP7 Takeaways   Thanks to Lou Engle, a true man and servant of God that actually walks out what the bible says and inspires me to listen more intently to God and then actually follow Him.

Countercultural Dreamers – Session 2:

  1. Mediocrity – We live mediocre lives while all this shocking human trafficking and abuse is happening all around us.  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?
  2. Shed Shame – It’s time to break the fear of men and time for millions of men and women to come out of shame about the abuse they received at the hands of those around them.  The abusers use shame to keep it hidden.  It is amazing how many people that have been abused by a parent, a neighbor or a trusted friend and not just women but many men. And when they share it beyond their family there is such freedom and heart healing that begins as people surround you with love and compassion without judgement.
  3. Watchmaker – We all can play a part in ending human trafficking. Only the watchmaker knows the purpose for each and every little cog and sometimes it is the seemingly insignificant cog that rings the bell.   So step in and help in any way.
  4. Consecrate Finances– Consecrate the money He allows you to have to use it for His purpose other than what you need for your family. You really can’t take it with you. Think about it. What will you feel better about, a car, a big TV or helping to save a young women’s life???
  5. Prayer + Fasting – Activism without prayer will eventually drain you and you will become like the beach you are trying to save whereas prayer will refresh your well of water. Recover a sense of fasting because angels and demons are at war.  Nehemiah in the Old Testament wept and fasted for months, then suddenly doors opened.
  6. Tears – Lou said “Pay attention to your tears, as it points to your destiny”.  God is groaning through us.  This issue of wounded and abused children makes me weep…
  7. Countercultural Dreamers. Lou talked about being a countercultural dreamer where we follow the ways and leading from the Spirit, which will be counter to cultural norms. Also talked about how important to pay attention to what God tells you in your dreams. The LIFE movement with the Red Tape is an example of someone who listened and obeyed God’s dream messages. That night I prayed for God to give me an important dream. I don’t want to discuss it here yet but it was significant regarding the some end times scenarios.

Prayer:  “Lord, I pray that you will give me strength to continue to consecrate myself more and more to your ways so that I may do your will to rescue these women from evil. Give me a compassionate heart to weep for what you weep and to not live a life of blessing and mediocrity but that I will use your blessings to further Your Kingdom.  Your servant, Steve

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2 thoughts on “Countercultural Dreamer – Abolition Summit Session 2

  1. wonderful blog brother.,

    it will give good information to people , that was great ., god will bless u more and more for u r good works , i am looking for u on march , to come to us ., please let me know the details sir, so we can make arrangements for u .thank u

  2. Ranjit, the March trip I told you I was considering was to go to Bangalore Karnataka. Nothing is firm yet as I am putting everything before the Lord. I will let you know as it gets closer. Steve

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