About Me

My name is Steve Anzelc…I love God and indebted to Jesus for dying for me and thankful that He left us with the Holy Spirit that He may live in us.  I started out life for 34 years as atheist and agnostic and an looked at things from an intellectual humanist perspective but God would not relent until I found Him.

I then was in churches for many more years where I hungered to know more about God but they didnt believe the gifts (healing, prophecy, tongues, dreams, visions etc) of the Holy Spirit like in Acts 2 was for this age.

In 2009, I saw miraculous transformation in my daughter Megan and wife Ann when they discovered these gifts are real and for this generation.

I soon discovered for myself it is all true as I experienced so much.  THe last three years has been like opening a present every day.

After 26 years as a business man, engineer and manager of large aerospace manufacturing Design Build projects, I quit my job to pursue following Jesus fulltime, like the original disciples just dropped everything to follow Him anywhere.

I am currently at an internship at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.  It is an incredible place to be able to worship any day, any time, 24/7/365.

I have a wonderful Godly wife, Ann who is an awesome worshipper and intercessor. I have 4 wonderful children, Megan Chase Janet and Garrett




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