Weak Men

God is amazing how He uses broken men to do His will. This gives me hope as I try to follow His will for my life. 

Many of us know the broken and weak men He called to be His disciples and King David broke 5 of the 10 commandments in following his fleshly lust for Bathsheba.

I am reading the book of Judges which tells history of 13 of the 15 people God used to lead His people for aperiod of 350 years when there was no king.

Barak was not a manly warrior and disobedient to God.

Gideon kept testing and questioning God and made a gold ephod that ensnared israel as it became an idol.

Jephthah the son of a prostitute I get saddened and sickened when He made a horrible vow to God which resulted in him sacrificing his daughter he ran out with joy to greet him when he came home from battle. 😦

Sampson was physically strong but weak in moral character. His first marriage didn’t last…he slept with prostitutes and had a mistress.  God finally became his eyes where he had to rely on God in bondage and God used him in the last 5 minutes of his life mightily.

Lord, even when we consecrate ourselves to live holy and not like the world you know that on this side of eternity we are broken vessels and broken depraved men but thank you that you keep us spinning on the potters wheel refining us and that we can know that your willwhich is so important can still be accomplished through us.   Lord give me strength to walk out your call on my life despite my constant failings. Your bondslave Steven